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was key in the creation of the israeli state. but obama also wanted to bring the issue of reconciliation between israel and palestine to the fore. the president visited the grave of the former prime minister, who was assassinated by an israeli nationalists in 1995 after signing the oslo accords. the politics of reconciliation almost seem like reconciliation, but obama is sending his secretary of state back to jerusalem to continue to build momentum for peace negotiations to resume. >> the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has apologized to turkey for the deaths of nine turkish human rights campaign members in a raid on the flotilla back in 2010. the activists were killed when israeli commandos stormed the turkish aid ship off the gaza strip. turkey expelled israel's ambassador and suspended military cooperation as a result. netanyahu made the apology in a phone call. president obama is reported to have encouraged the move during a visit to the region. >> these divisions are rose -- arose in the eu on friday on weather to on syrian rebels. britain and france remained isolated. ger
that is not being reported. with a deferred order by president obama, only three states permit drivers licenses for illegal immigrants but as many as 40 states are now interpreting the deferred deportation orde to cfer that right day make moves to pass that into law as the executive order or a change as a result of the deportation order it is a startling trend or attention is not brought to either. now let's turn to the export -- expert witness what you make of this man? has he destroyed single-handedly whenever there was for the defense? >> he tries to find any reasonable doubt and says theris a possibility there is a psychological disorder so they could find her not guilty of premeditated murders and he is there to get a juror to think maybe there is a psychological issue we cannot grasp, he is the expert and we should rely on him cement she puts forward a self-defense claim but testifying over 18-- she never said the words you need to say with self-defense and actually said she was not in favor -- in fear. said now they bring in the expert that she is sufferingg3 from posttraumatic stress di
states of america, "atem lo levad." [ applause ] >> you are notly alone. >> president barack obama addressed a young audience this week in israel's capital, jerusalem, at its convention center on his first presidential visit to israel. the speech was up-beat, even rousing, but the language measured, even guarded, with state department edits poking through. >> peace is possible. it is possible. [ applause ] >> i'm not saying it's guaranteed. i can't even say that it is more likely than not, but it is possible. i know there must be something exhausting about endless talks about talks and daily controversies and just the grinding status quo. i'm sure there's a temptation just to say, ah, enough, let me focus on my small corner of the world and my family and my job and what i can control. but it's possible. negotiations will be necessary but there's a little secret about where they must lead. twfor two peoples. two states for two peoples. >> question, was president obama's speech to college students in israel and the trip itself designed to reset u.s.- israeli relations that were badly
senators they are all representing states that barack obama lost. >> gregg: speaking of debt and deficits, president obama said recently the debt is not an immediate problem, but by huge margins, americans disagree. 68% of them disagree with the president on that. they also think he is wrong with b something else. spending. this is a fox news poll. they think his top priority should be cutting spending to reduce the deficit, not spend more, taxpayer dollars to create jobs. is that why president obama seemed to have dropped the campaign for spending realize he is pushing his job ratings down and in the process driving away potential voters? >> i think there has been a sense over the last month or so, as you point out poll numbers have gone down. white house is not going to make a big campaigns go across the country asking for tax increases but that is also because they are saving a lot of ammunition for the budget fight this summer. that is when you might see them make the requests again, any kind of grand bargain over the budget or grand bargain over the debt ceiling has to include some k
and look at the world through their eyes. it is not fair that a palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own. . >> jon: president obama speaking to a primarily jewish audience in jerusalem on thursday, be a major trip to the middle east which had some critics in the media asking, why is he there? so, jim, let's get your answer on that. is it part of the charm offensive overseas? >> and netanyahu that should be a tougher sell. it should have happened in the first term and various reasons they didn't. and now they're doing it now. not that they offer, but checking off the box. a moment between the president and netanyahu. and a strange transplant of the american to the west bank of israel. it's syria, egypt, iran and the media is having a tough time dealing with. >> gregg: and judy, you're back and are the media buying with what the president is trying to accomplish? >> israel, jon, it was a total love fest, i would have said, jim, exactly what you said before i went, but to see the outpouring of affection for this president and for what he represents, it was truly astonishing. >>
background checks. about 90%. but so far, despite public support and president obama's passionate state of the union declarations that families of gun violence deserve votes, there's been a whole lot of talk about somewhat's politically feasible. here's a thought. maybe the majority shouldn't be so silent, should concern over higher premiums galvanize more than gun control legislation? the screamers and shouters call an e-mail, perhaps don't pester enough. here's the phone number for the capitol hill switchboard. there is it on your screen. write it down. let your congressman know how you feel. let them have it. just a thought. >>> marriage in the high court. with the supreme court taking up same-sex marriage this week, we'll take a look at the opinion shift happening across the country and whether republicans are really evolving on the issue. come back. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclu
, but the israelis who had been suspicious of obama's commitment to the jewish state were delighted by the attention. he had us at shalom was the headline in on an analysis in the jerusalem post. frf tel aviv nbc news correspondent martin fletcher. good day to you both. >> nice to be with you. >> dennis, i will begin with you. was this style over substance and style does matter a lot here, right? especially with israel. >> well, i think sometimes style and substance become one and the same. the fact is the president had a major objective in this trip and that objective was to build credibility with the israeli public. by doing that, that would begin to create greater political space for him on issued like iran, on issues like the peace question. if you don't have that connection, if you don't have that credibility, the ability to move on those issues becomes profoundly difficult. so i think what he did was achieve a fundamental objective number one, and number two, there was a substantive achievement. that substantive achievement was a reconciliation between turkey and israel. something the administ
recognizing same-sex marriages in the states where they are legal. after first defending the law, the obama administration switched sides and now says it's unconstitutional. both these cases come to the court in a political climate that's very different from what it was just four years ago when prop 8 was passed. janelle, raj. >> thanks, pete. >>> a bay area boy is now getting worldwide attention after preparing his own argument in favor of same-sex marriage and then sending it to the nation's highest court. 12-year-old daniel sent a letter to supreme court chief justice john roberts about next week's case. even though daniel and his sister have two dads, daniel feels he has a lot in common with the chief justice, who has two adopted children of his own. before mailing his letter to roberts, daniel read it on youtube with hopes of reaching all the justices. >> you and i both know that family goes deeper than blood. i was lucky to be adopted by two guys i can both call dad. >> it's never a good feeling to have your future in somebody else's hands. but we're nervous, you know, and we understa
of the president's credibility. u.s. standing probably has risen under president obama, but clout has fallen for the reasons i stated earlier, because of his reluctance to get involved over there. if you're the iranians and he says something like this, do you really take it it seriously at this point or is it simply barack obama saying things because he believes them himself? >> i would bet bret takes issue with the point about the standing question of the-- >> we're less popular in the arab world than we were, in much of the arab world than we were in the last year of george w. bush's presidency. >> paul: george, you mentioned jordan. is king abdullah, be the next arab ruler to fall in that region? and what would be the consequences, not just for israel, but for our own interests? >> it would be a disaster, we'd lose one of the last few moderates in the arab world and israel would lose along its longest border and-- >> how much trouble is the king in? i know there have beenprotests, price of energy and so on. >> he has a financial crisis and he's vocally opposed by the muslim brotherhood an
and thousands of retreats but this image or tweet got a retweet from the president of the united states, barack obama. we need do something about guns in this country. on o thursday, it was announced that dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban would be dropped. we learned it didn't matter that the majority of americans support the ban. the proposal couldn't make it past the u.s. senate. senate majority leader reid said he doesn't have the votes. didn't have the republican votes. he didn't have the democratic votes and no amount of public shaming could change that fact. >> quite honestly, i'm really aashamed to see that congress doesn't have the guts to stand up, make a change and put a ban on these type of weapons and universal background checks. >> with the assault weapons ban out of picture for the time being, the focus is now on those universal background checks. the overwhelming majority of americans are for universal background checks. 88% of voters say they support these checks according to the latest polling from quinnipiac. as for gun owners, 85% of gun owners support background checks.
the same and joined our state legislature and some eight other seniors to support their effort state wide and to support president obama and senior fine fine stein on their national events and i want to take a moment to make sure that we hong hospital members of sandy hook continue keeping them in our minds and but also, that things that are not as announced but every single week whether it's oakland san jose or san francisco, that is young kid and i get this text every night calf can american meal 17 -years-old victim, to the chess, to the head. we have got to end this gun violence we have got do embrace, strategies that work so that, you can keep our cities safe. that will help us, as much as education is, as much as investment in housing is as much as investing in buss as well. it's got to be the whole package and i don't care what poles say or what political groups say it's the right thing do let's all join together and make sure that happens. (applause) >>> i'll close i want to thank dan and tim for awful their good economic analysis, i think they guided you with that i'll be hap
for all of us to find. host: go ahead wendy. caller: i was calling about the obama care and about our deficit in the united states. my feeling is that many workers across america have lost their insurance and have gotten lower wages because of companies down sizing or lower profits. our government is broke but we we still pay our government workers very high wages given excellent pay insurance. maybe it's time to decrease their wages and decrease their insurance they have a payment to pay for their insurance like many americans are experiencing across america or do away with insurance like many companies have done across america. guest: it's an interesting point you bring up about people losing their insurance. there say directive for the c.b.o. to count the people losing their health insurance because of obama care. this was something that got democratic and republican to get done in this budget which they are going to try to cap this and see is it happening and how much is it occurring. host: the house approved their 318-1109. or c.r. by 03 republicans and 115 democrats voted rest.
. the country is getting ready for a new election in may. barack obama is going to return to washington later on saturday, ending his middle east trip. on his visit, he promised the u.s. would continue to push for a two-state solution, but let many palestinians disappointed with what they say is a passive political posture on key issues, namely that tracking of his previous demand that israeli settlement building must stop immediately. palestinianthe national initiative says obama abandoning the initiative of settlement building is counterproductive. >> at the time, when the israeli expansion settlement policies are at their peak, and when israel has the most ,xtreme right wing government pointak position at this is not good for the solution he is calling for. it means that a petition of what we had here in the last 20 years, the peace process that as a substitute to peace, a peace process that is a cover to settlement expansion. also, he failed totally in recognizing the system of apartheid and the ground that is killing the possibility of a two-state solution. >> turkey and israel have rest
, the obama care law creates insurance exchanges scheduled to be in place by october where people can shop for insurance plans. but because many states say the exchanges too unwieldy and expensive for them to set up on a local level it now falls to the federal government to set them up. >> no money was budgeted for the federal government to do that. congress seems unwilling to give the administration money to do that. we are looking at a very messy situation. >> reporter: but the president says these exchanges will give americans and small business owners the choice to pick a health insurance plan that fits their budget. harris? >> harris: molly, thank you. american voters have been asking for years why hasn't the u.s. senate passed a well, after a dizzying marathon of votes and grueling all nighter by lawmaker we have it. senators on capitol hill have produced a budget. the $3.7 trillion plan passed by just one vote. 50-49. they worked through you the night voting time and time again on a slew of amendments to finally get a budget deal done around 5:00 this morning. the senate plan includ
this perception that president obama has not had israel's interests front and center, and he seemed to succeed at that. in heretz this morning, they wrote, the most powerful man in the world arrived in the most threatened state in the world to promise love. hebrew, noted he spoke how much hebrew he used. and then at the end of his visit, brokered a phone call between prime minister netanyahu and the president of turkey, two countries that have been estranged since a turkish boat on the way to help gaza was attacked by israeli commandos? gwen: so, tom, is this like woody allen says, 90% of life is showing up? just the president showing up was enough to paper over or fix a lot of the problems existing? >> well, he said some really interesting things from the israeli point of view. one of the very interesting things was going to escape a lot of people's attention is he reaffirmed support not just for the state of israel but for the idea of zionism. that was important to the israelis. it seemed to me he nudged a little bit closer to israel's position vis-a-vis iran. but the perception that bothere
strike. what they were mad about is president obama didn't talk about them in the "state of the union." he didn't say and reiterate he wants to close gitmo so they decided to have a hunger strike. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> dana: i'm serious. >> bob: my wife spent that much money on the house to get ready to sale it. my ex-wife. nice lady. if you try them down there, slow process you told me. if you bring them back here. you have read them miranda rights. >> dana: not going to happen. >> bob: so the host countries won't take them. what do you do? >> dana: president obama promised to close it but then reality hit. and the other reason they need to upgrade it, some of the prisoners now that they have been there ten or 11 years need geriatric care. freddie they need more shuffleboard. >> dana: bingo hall. >> greg: this is the island of lost terrorists. remember island of lost toys? island of lost terrorists. where do you put them. for president obama, gitmo is the employee you can't stand but you can't live without. it's finally come down, rea realizing that maybe i was too hard over
.s. president is an indication of obama's naw approach -- push the israeli people to demand peace. while hezz -- his new secretary of state, john kerry, returns to israel saturday. as the president leaves he leaves behind slightly mended relationships, his with israel and israel's with turkey, aid to refugees, and a peace process that shows no sign of going anywhere. >> there have been clashes in leb abonn -- lebanon following the surprise resignation of the prime minister. his departure threatens to dangerous political void. >> the prime minister handed his resignation -- to the lebanese president. it has left many lebanese wondering what is going to happen next. >> i don't think it's going to matter much. they keep on changing but it's the same. i worry about problems happening between people. resign nk governments and are it has left many reassi business goes on as usual. >> some are trying to stay hopeful the party's move could pave the way for a unity government but most don't have such hope. one said the party just bandoned ship. ne accusation accused him of succumbing to pressure to st
that obama did something, two good things. one, is to publicly recognize the jewish state and the roots of the jews and religion which was important for the rest of the world. >> sean: is that really so good? >> so for him to say that, it was a good things. and now, he wants the palestinians to recognize the jewish state. this is not going to happen. >> sean: i wanted to get your reaction? >> i spent a good amount of time in israel just over a month ago talking with their ministers and talking with the people. they are guarded. that is the only way i can say. they are guarded about american leadership and they understand our culture. we talk about the red line and who gives netanyahu the go ahead and does it meet the reality. net netted is going to have make the decisions he needs to make and he so get past that. get past the obama statements. get past the fact that we know that in 67 hamas was formed by the muslim brotherhood. he wants us to go back to '67 borders but it's not going to happen. >> the hamas charter still calls for the destruction -- >> look at the culture and look at th
and friends of ours, and so it's in the interest of the united states that they begin this process of getting their relationship back in order. >> warner: mr. obama had spent much of the day in israel and the west bank, visiting landmarks commemorating the history of the jews and one of christianity's s holiest treasures safeguarded by the palestinians. he had a few words when he got to yad vashem, the memorial to the six million jews murdered in the holocaust. >> here, on your ancient land, let it be said for all the world to hear: the state of israel does not exist because of the holocaust. but with the survival of a strong jewish state of israel, such a holocaust will never happen again. >> warner: the president then mr. obama was driven there through the israeli checkpoints and security wall separating israel from the west bank, after a sudden sandstorm grounded the president's chopper. it was perhaps a too-perfect metaphor for the tangled peace process he leapt back into this week. from there, it was a short flight to amman, capital of jordan, first arab state the president has visited s
disagree. nobody disagree? do you think for better or worse has obama made the situation in middle east better? raise your hand, worse? okay, why? >> he has presented an unclear message as to where the united states should be going and where the arab world is going and refused to call the jahadis an enemy and call for continuation of the war on terror. he refuses to use the word enemy and use jihad and engage in this war like the cold war is. >> sean: before we get everybody else's comments. remember georgetown university there was crucifixion, they covered that. remember. this is obama speaking and over him is a picture of a known terrorist. his name is yasser arafat. i wouldn't speak with a picture like that over my head, would you? >> i absolutely not. no criticism of this and except for sean hannity and the media is in his pocket. when you talk about if he has made the situation in the middle east worse and encouraged the rise of them, i would say absolutely. look at the policy at egypt. we get the muslim brotherhood a sworn enemy. look at libya, moammar khadafy had killed americans
and not be an advocate. the obama administration is shifting slowly, i cover now the state department, secretary and they've gonee from saying, you know, syria is the congo to saying no, we have to, as kerrye says, change assad's calculation. and when-- i was on a trip with him recently.wi we went to sau arabia, and u.a. e., and he's talking about their efforts to armt rebels in an effort to change assad's calculation, and the reason this so concerns them is the posture of staying uninvolved has left the field to the most radical elements. so we're leaving afghanistan. , one hopes, without an al qaeda presence returning there. we're leaving iraq, really without al qaeda in iraq being strong. butqa the emergence of a terrort state or a state which has broken into pieces that ha aen terrorist component right on the board of border of israel would really be a terribly challenging situation. and so i think the americans are coming to it late, but they're-- they recognize that much of the problem. returning to iraq, the problem is iran, with maliki's concurrence, is arming the assad regime as fast
of the signing of president obama's landmark health care reform law. three years later and the bill is still under attack from republican lawmakers. but increasing number of states that previously opposed the law are now signing on to its medicaid expansion program, with some big surprise turnarounds from states like arizona, and florida. so that leads us to our question of the day for all of you. will obama care stand the test of time? talk to me on twitter. my handle is @alexwitt. and i will be reading some of your tweets throughout the day. a critical move by congress this week to delay furlough notices for hundreds of thousands of pentagon civilian employees. the house passed a bill thursday to extend funding for workers facing sequestration cuts. the measure gives the pentagon time to decide on how best to make those cuts. and joining me now is democratic congressman william enhart. thank you so much for being here, sir. i do appreciate that for this early hour. >> good morning, alex. >> i want to ask you about this whole situation. put it into context for us. how much of an impact does
war against an emotional state is our prison at guantanamo bay. even though many have wanted to see gitmo closed, including president obama, despite all logic, it remains open for business. it's the radio shack of the war on terror. [laughter] if you follow the news closely, you are probably unaware that gitmo is currently hosting the trial of 9-11 mastermind khalid sheik mohammed. for godsake, khalid, you're appearing in court-- comb your shoulders! [laughter] now one reason you may not have heard about it is that not the easiest trial to cover. first, because it's not really a trial. it's a one-of-a-kind military tribunal designed by president bush, implemented by president obama, and inspired by president kafka. [laughter] see, reporters are not allowed in the courtroom. they have to watch the trial from behind soundproofed glass and hear the proceedings on a 40-second delay. and to protect national security, the judge or a security officer in the courtroom can hit a mute button which shuts off the audio to the reporters and indicates this by making a red light on the judge's ben
'll be on your way home soon too i know. thanks. >>> president obama is coming home to something he hasn't seen in four years. a budget proposal passed by the united states senate. this one was approved at 5:00 in the morning by a razor thin margin 50-49 after a marathon overnight session fittingly called vote-a-rama. the bill is expected to get knocked down when it gets to the house. >>> in georgia two teens are charged with murder. the 14 year old and 17 year old killed a 13-month-old baby boy. that little baby's mother says the boys demanded money and then shot her child strapped in his stroller. they are still looking for the gun and a motive. nick is in brunswick. police are confident they arrested the right guys. one of the suspects could have an alibi. tell us about that. >> reporter: yesterday the aunt of the elder suspect -- i use that term relatively -- he's 17 years old. the other suspect is 14 years old. his aunt spoke to a local affiliate and said they have the wrong guy and no way they got the right suspect because he was with her the whole time. >> i am devastated. i'm sad becaus
jordan's borders. the king says that number will probably double by the end of the year. president obama says he will try to get an additional 200-million dollars in aid to help jordan. the justice department will offer states more than $20- million-dollars -- aimed at strengthening the background checks when people buy guns. the money will help state officials to share more information.among other things. congress is debating whether to expand the background check system.which applies only to sales by federally licensed gun dealers. it does not apply to private transactions at gun shows or online purchases. >> and it was a fantastic friday today. temperatures in the lower 70's in napa. 60s and oakland. san jose, 67 degrees. concord also to the lower 70's. temperatures right now are cooling down quite a bit and fairly comfortable. mountain view, 57 degrees. napa cooling down to 55 degrees. half moon bay we can still see breezy conditions for this evening. tomorrow, as we are starting off your saturday chilly. your corn to what your jacket. and even a sunny and mild tomorrow compared to t
, gregg. >> that's right. >> jamie: change the clock. and president obama did wrap up or in moments wrapping up his particular trip to the middle east and coming up former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton will tell us how did he do? >> the united states of america stands with israel because it is in our fundamental national security interest to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous. and it makes the world a better place. clusters of pustules, pimples. i had this shingle rash right next to my spine. the soreness was excruciating. it was impossible to even think about dancing. when you're dancing, your partner is holding you. so, his hand would have been right in the spot that i had the shingles. no tango. no rhumba. you can't be touched. for more of the inside story, visit only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99%. save even more with rebates up to $500... or totally customize your new rzr with up to
was e leched in 2008. it could pay dividends. the state department said john kerry will hold separate talks with palestinian and israeli leaders today. president obama attended a dinner in his honor hosted by president perez. there were many other high profile government officials in attendance. one face in the crowd was memorable. the first miss israel with ethiopian heritage since the pageant began in 1950. the orphan came to live with her grandparents at 12. president obama has long been one of her idols. she said a recent trip to her homeland showed her how far she'd come. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> translator: i stood there as a girl who finished the israeli army as an officer and thought how much a person can go through in nine, ten years. i learned a new language and culture. i enlisted and trained people and returned as a totally different person. >> aynaw will represent miss israel at the first world pageant in jakarta this september. >>> before becoming pope former cardinal bergoglio addressed the role of celibacy for priests. could it come to an end? that's next.
with what we saw with what president obama said and with what the world hear president obama say he severely explained this is what the united states policy is. it begins with israeli children and palestinian children. deserve a better future. how we going give to it them. second the way to do that is two states side-by-side and then third the way to get to two states is the through direct negotiations. you may not agree with that third step. i hope people will. but the fact is we start with what's the best way to achieve what israeli and palestinian parents want for their children and one another. >> is that perfect example of the dual role. the position of direct negotiations is the position of the netanyahu government right now which would like to have a negotiated peace process while they have doubled subsidies for settlements while they continue to expand settlements. the president says here i am as your neutral arbiter. we believe the aspiration and determination of each child is fully equal. to then say yes fully equal but we should start direct negotiations which happens to be the po
devastated by sandy. i shared the hurricane sandy recovery task force established by president obama. it had immense impact in new york commuters, connecticut, of rhode island, maryland, and another arm -- and a number of other states. based on lessons learned from previous disasters the president asked secretary napolitano and i to create a new approach from a national perspective. that led to the creation of the national recovery from work, which we of it -- which we released in 2011. it is important to the coordinated, government-wide approach to this. for the very first time we are fully implementing a long-term recovery strategies that were part of the ndr apps. we have staff on the ground in new york, a new jersey, connecticut, who are working on long-term rebuilding. we know that planning for long- term rebuilding must begin even as response activities are underway. we also know that the unusual scale of the devastation caused by sandy met communities with face greater rebuilding challenges than usual. cut of the staunchest would across state lines. infrastructure would require federa
years. president obama has pledged millions of dollars in aid. mr. obama answered a question from the audience about why the u.s. hasn't used force against the regime. >> the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in military then it is criticized and if it doesn't then people say why aren't you. >> earlier in the the day the president visited the church of the nativity with palestinian leader. the holocaust memorial with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. before president obama left israel diplomatic kudos to him. he was able to persuade netanyahu to apologize. the two allies have had an icy relationship. >>> small airports are being forced to close the air traffic control as the latest fallout in the sequester cuts. the faa has ordered 149 control towers to shut down beginning in just the next couple of weeks. most of our local airports were spare td. sacramento and salinas will be affected. air traffic controllers warn pilots will have to land their planes without an extra set of eyes in the towers. >>> a suspected love triangle gone horibly wrong in v
abdullah. president obama bristled when a reporter asked if he is doing enough about the syrian conflict. >> the united states oftentimes zane situation where if it goes in militarily, then it is criticized, and if it doesn't go in militarily, then people say why aren't you doing something militarily. >> president obama's four-day trip included stops in israel, ramallah, and jordan. he is scheduled to land at andrews just before 8:30 tonight pacific time. >>> today there's still genuine disagreement among well meaning people about what steps we should take to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in this country but you the american people have spoken. >> in this morning's weekly address he discussed lawmakers currently working on gun control legislation in the wake of the newtown school shootings last december. bills include reinstating and strengthening a ban on military- style assault weapons and legislation making it harder for people with severe mental illness from obtaining guns. jute it has been three months since the school shooting but for the families of the 20 first graders kill
to the emergency room. it costs more. the people in texas will stay pay taxes to ensure people in other states. it makes no sense whatsoever. zbr it makes political sense if he says you're a poor person in texas. obama care has done nothing for you. he stood in the way of it happening. >> it's not just poor people who want this. people like governor perry will accept it. the hospitals want it. the hospitals need to get paid. even the chambers of commerce who are not generally thought of as advocates for the poor. they want it because it's good for business. because the chambers of commerce want it. governors like rick perry in texas. >> and aside from the output, if you want to grow in business, you want a healthy workforce. you want to go and sell your state to business. if they know you're the worst in education, that's not very attractive. >> and given what we know about the changing nature of work, your workers out of wal-mart are -- even if they're full-time workers likely to be eligible for medicaid. this is the way to provide health insurance for all of these big companies that pay low
to the country if gays can marry? >> the state has an interest in marriage, it needs men and women to commit to each other as husband and wife and then take responsibility for their children as mothers and fathers. president obama says how he wished his father would have been more involved. >> what's wrong with two fathers. >> how can you redefine marriage to make fathers optional? it's not just two parents, it's a father and a mother. mothering and fathering are distinct phenomena and children do best and have a right to a mother and a father and that's what marriage does. >> brian i'll let you react to that point. >> first of all, these talking points are always ignoring the fact there are hundreds of thousands of children being raised by same-sex couples successfully in this country which is why you have the american academy of pediatrics an lots of other child welfare organizations that have come out in support of parenting and marriage for same-sex couples because they deserve a stable respected home just as much as those raised by opposite sex couples. i disagree somehow allowing those
the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. we also, on this committee, subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. the sky apparently is falling, notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? parenthetically that i believe in my reading of the 22nd amendment, barack obama is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. i have about 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their releas
and their experiences on capitol hill. later we will get another look at the joint press conference with president obama and king abdullah. egypt remains divided with clashes continuing between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and those who oppose this government. theyshington on thursday, talk about egyptian politics and implications for the united states. personally oversaw the research or this project. she twisted my arm into doing this event, so thank you, and also to michele and samer. i will begin by rolling out the study that was released today, the type line was that egypt is not lost to islamists. non-islamists are increasingly competitive, in certain areas of the country, and should they choose to contest future elections, they are likely to pick up seats on their islamist rivals. before i walk you through that analysis, for those of you who do not follow the situation as closely, background is in order, which is after the january 25 revolution in 2011 that toppled mubarak, there were parliamentary it elections late 2011 and early 2012. that resulted in an islamist- dominated assembly in b
to the people of jordan. president obama have the dinner tonight with king abdullah gang continue to petra for beginning his trip back to the united states. the senate is in session tonight working on the 2014 federal budget. and holding votes on an unlimited number of amendments. more than 500 amendments have been offered and the senate could be in session into the early hours of morning. after the vote, they will begin their spring recess last two weeks. he can watch the senate on c- span2. >> monday night on first ladies, called in bigamist and adulterer during her husband's 1828 presidential campaign, ray told jackson dies of a heart attack before andrew l. jackson takes office. his knees because the white house hostess but his later dismissed -- his niece becomes the white house hostess but is later dismissed. we will include your questions and comments by phone, facebook and twitter by monday night at eastern on c-span and c-span3. also on skis and radio and c- remains the by the imam -- ahead of parliamentary elections. backed by president mohammad marcy and groups -- as a
, enough is enough, we're going to the united states where you're free to home school and applied for political asylum and the first judge ruled in their favor and the obama administration appealed and they won the second round and we appealed to the 6th circuit. >> clayton: they're going through the property channels of immigration, and fill out the proper paper work and want to be u.s. citizens presumably down the line and want to offer something back for schooling them and this is the thanks they get. >> exactly. the united states was founded originally by the pilgrims who came on the mayflower. it was the influence of holland on their children that caused them to leave from there and come to plymouth rock. this family is doing the exactly the same thing as the earliest american families. they came to this country for religious freedom and ability to protect their children and i'm glad that in 1600's the obama administration wasn't standing there to turn people back and say, no, we don't want your find here. >> mr. ferris, it doesn't make a lot of send. you can come here and do
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